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Checking Your Library Account in Drupal

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I developed an application that allows patrons to view their library account in Drupal. The module itself does not actually generate user data. Instead, it relies on other modules to call its hooks to generate user data. In this way, the module can be expanded to support any given system a library implements. At this moment, I have written modules for Voyager and ILLiad.

The patron's library account is broken into three categories: Charged Items, Outstanding Requests, and Fines. I think rather than detailing each feature, a picture is worth a thousand words. More screenshots at the bottom.


The module is designed to be fully customizable and generalize to suit just about any need.

Item Categories

Item Statuses with customizable colors and notes

Item Types

Fully Customizable

Simple and Easy to Use

Item Renewals

Renewals are possible so long as the implementing system provides a path for renewals. To renew the items in our ILS, I implemented a SIP client written in PHP and provided a path for renewals. More documentation to come.

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D.O application process was cumbersome and too stringent for the current state of the project. Also, I just started using git and I'm impressed. Linus Torvald won me over in this talk. Thus, I will be hosting the circ project on github. If you are interested, please take a look and provide some feedback.

I would be interested to know if anyone wanted to help participate or support the project. Leave a comment below.

Project Homepage: